The Roll Compactor Machine: Guaranteed Productivity in Dry Granulation Process

In essence, there are two processes used to achieve compaction in the dry granulation process. These are slugging and roller compaction.

In slugging, the tablet press machine is used while in roller compaction, the roller compactor is the equipment used. The slugging method has proven to have many technical challenges and therefore the roller compactor method is the most preferred.

Roll Compactor Machine

The roller compactor machine forces fine powder between two opposing and rotating rollers to press the material into a solid in a process referred to as dry granulation. The result of this process is formation of larger multi particle entities of granular structure.

Main Components of the Powder Compactor
Powder Compactor equipment has three major units which are;

  • The in feed system, which is responsible for conveying the powder into the compaction zone between the rolls.
  • The compaction system; this is where powder passes through two opposing rolls to make a ribbon from the forced application
  • The Size alteration unit, where the ribbon is milled to achieve the desired particle size.

Advantages of Dry Granulation using the Roller Compactors

Cost Efficiency
This process does away with other processes such as wetting, mixing and drying which would otherwise add to the production costs of the products.

There is a certain level of flexibility in the grain size, bulk density, flowability and the solubility of the material being processed. All the blends and mixtures will be well homogenized.

Environmental Friendliness
The granulated products have a lesser packaging size, minimize the dust burden, no cross contamination and product loss is eliminated.

Space Saving and High Quality Equipments
The machines are manufactured of high quality stainless steel materials thus are efficient and long lasting.

Ease Of Cleaning and Maintenance
The design of manufacture makes the machines easy to clean and service due to incorporation of easily removable parts and easily accessible components. This also enhances the hygiene of the products.

The roller compactor is a sturdy equipment able to withstand extended operation duration and batch operations without breakdowns and stop over.

Special Features and Models of the Roller Compactor

  • It has a specially constructed pre –compression feeder system that is able to handle light, voluminous and also fluidizing powders.
  • The equipment is able to achieve high accuracy and dosage guarantees and even distribution of product along the roll width.
  • Different roller surface shapes can be used to improve the product feed behavior and ensure maximum productivity for each production process.
  • The equipment incorporates a roll seal system that is able to optimize the compaction process, increase the product yield and eliminate the necessity of separation and recycling of fine particles.
  • Adjustable speed drives and adjustable hydraulic pressure system give good process flexibility.

Mini Roll Compactor
Mini Roll Compactor is a special model of the roll compactors but has the same basic operation principle of dry granulation. The production capacity may however be lower than the other systems as it has an average production of 2 to 5 kilograms of output per hour.

Adjustable Roll Compactor

The machine is equipped with adjustable variables such as the screw speed, roller speed and roller pressure. This increases the variability of products and quality of compaction is enhanced.